„Legality of procedures and legal representation” Department


Rozalia Ivanova - Head of Department

Tel.: +359 2 8075 360


Address: 1000 Sofia, No 21, "6-ti Septemvri" Str.


Functions of "Legality of procedures and legal representation" Department

  • Executes preliminary/ current/ ex-post control on the legality of the procedures for selection of contractors by the beneficiaries;
  • Supports and assists the beneficiaries, including taking the necessary corrective measures in case of detection of problems and/ or irregularities in the procedures for selection of contractors;
  • Participates, when necessary, as observers during conducting procedures for selecting a contractor by the beneficiaries;
  • Cooperates with the internal auditors of the Ministry of economy, the Certification and Audit authorities and the experts, performing external audit on behalf of the responsible Bulgarian and European institutions for the performance of their functions;
  • Provides legal representation in cases where DG EFC, acting as a MA, is a party.